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Fashion Inspiration: 9 Creative Ways to Style your Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans. They’re retro, they’re chic and no, they are not for your Mom. These 90’s inspired, oft high-waist, trendily ill-fitting, straight leg jeans are back...

Fashion taking over nation’s export market – Laguda, Lai Mohammed’s daughter

A fashioner , Yeside Laguda, has said that fashion would boost the nation’s export revenue drive if the stakeholders collaborated to support the sector. Laguda...

Nourish Your Beauty Inside Out

It’s time to finally ditch that cliché that beauty is only skin-deep, and start pampering ourselves in a more holistic manner to preserve not...

Your Weavon can be all that is needed

Dont you think so? Really that is what it is

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6 Ways To Style Your Ripped Jeans

Just because your ripped jeans have holes in them doesn’t mean they can’t look sophisticated. No matter what people say, ripped jeans remains a must have in everyone’s closet. Its...



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