Aging is inescapable, and refusing to accept that can lead you down some dark and dangerous paths. However, this doesn’t mean one should not do it with grace and dignity. We live in a special time when it comes to makeup and body care. There are just so many tools at our disposal to make us look younger we’ve all become spoiled for choice. Youthful appearance has never been so easily achievable and there are at least 10 ways to look 5 years younger.

1. Regular hydration

That’s it? Really? Believe it or not, the importance of regular hydration has a profound effect on your body and, subsequently, your appearance. If you want to look younger you need to take care of your health and metabolism, and drinking at least 67.628 ounces of water (2 liters) every day is a good starting point.

The moment when this transcends your average health-beauty advice is when we get to the question of regularity. Most people already know this fact, but they are rarely self-disciplined enough to stay consistent. Divide your preferred amount into 8 to 10 glasses and spread them evenly throughout the day. After a few years, this routine will help you look 5 years younger and feel 10 years younger.

2. Every lifestyle detail counts

If you want to look younger, you should know that every lifestyle detail counts. Regular exercise, positive thinking, stress-relieving meditation, healthy meals with less starch, no cigarettes or alcohol – these are all very important factors that will contribute to your youthful appearance.

3. Haircuts help


Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash

Drastic haircuts can really bring a refreshing new angle to your appearance, and if you just go for a casual stroll to your local hairdresser and choose the latest and hippest haircut on the market, you are guaranteed to look at least five years younger.

4. Change the color of your hair

It doesn’t matter if you have grays or not. If you change the color of your hair into something interesting and eye-catching, you will definitely appear younger. The array of choices here is astounding – you can go with naturally occurring colors, strong base colors with highlights, or something completely crazy like purple or blue hair.

5. A convenient makeover

Are cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments still taboo in 2018? Hardly! It’s perfectly okay to tweak certain details on our face for the purposes of looking younger. Some doctors claim that the demand for less invasive procedures, such as botox, has increased over the last two or three decades due to the social media influence. Beauty treatments are no longer a luxury only the rich can afford, and information about them is widely available. For example, this clinic for cosmetic surgery in Perth can provide you answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, so you can decide if the procedure is right for you.

6. Make your eyebrows thicker


Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash

That archetypal curmudgeon with thick bushy eyebrows is actually a rarity, not a rule. Most people lose their eyebrow strands as they get older, and by the time they reach fifty, the area above their eyes is a mess. If you want to look five years younger, use makeup to keep your eyebrows thicker. Of course, if for this reason or another you have completely lost your eyebrows, you can go a step further than makeup and visit a tattoo shop.

7. Think about your hands

A hand makeover is something you should consider if you want to look (at least) 5 years younger. As one gets older and uses makeup to appear younger, there is this freakish discrepancy in the appearance of their face and hands (and several other body parts). If your hands look too bony and the skin on it appears paper-thin, you can always try a laser procedure that will increase the presence of elastin and collagen in your hands.

8. A bit of Botox

Botox is a go-to solution for many people who want to appear younger. It is affordable, very quick and it gets to the very root of what causes lines and wrinkles on your face, especially the upper part. This is a very reasonable solution indeed.

9. Avoid powder makeup

Powder makeup might have been a default face cover for a long time, but not if you want to look 5 years younger. Your skin produces less oil as you get older, so applying powder to it can have a counter-effect and make it look cracked and creepy. Instead, switch to something that also moisturizes your skin.

10. Balance your weight


Photo by William Stitt on Unsplash

This is a really sensitive topic because its effect differs from one individual to another. Some people look much more youthful when they are skinnier, while others appear younger when they’re plump. If you want to look 5 years younger, you need to really know your body and your metabolism and balance your weight. If this presents a problem to you, you can always visit a nutritionist.

After you reach a certain age, you have an important choice in front of you – you either declare war on time and turn it into your enemy or embrace it as your ally. Every reasonable human being will prefer the second option, which entails accepting your true physical appearance and applying appropriate and vigorous aesthetic to it that looks organic and reflects the best parts of your character. This act alone will easily shave 5 years off your natural age.


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