Dark underarm/armpit is usually a sore sight to behold. It keeps most people from wearing sleeveless shirts/ swimsuits in public places.

What actually causes dark armpits?

  • Deodorants
  • Dead skin cells – lack of exfoliation
  • Friction resulting from tight shirts
  • Irritation from shaving

Here are 4 DIY remedies that would clear of the dark spots and make your armpit tone rhyme with your complexion

  1. Potato: blend some potatoes, squeeze out the juice, and apply on your armpit. Wash the juice off after ten minutes with water.
  2. Lemon: Cut one lemon into slices, rub one of the slices on your armpit, and wash off after ten minutes.
  3. Orange Peel: Fetch one tablespoon of rose water and one tablespoon of milk. Mix them with powdered orange peel to form a thick paste. Apply the paste in the dark areas and wash off after fifteen minutes.
  4. Cucumber: Cut some slices of cucumber into a bowl. Rub the slices on your armpit, and wash off with cool water after ten minutes.

Repeat any of these procedures two or three times in a week to get optimal results.


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