When the wedding season is knocking on the door it’s a really busy time for all brides to be and who does not wants to look perfect on this once in a lifetime event. Well, the wedding day is probably the most important day for a girl as she starts dreaming about it from a very young age. Through all these years she keeps on fantasizing about her prince charming and how beautiful she will look on her wedding day.

Well, the wedding requires planning for months and months. She decides on what dress she is going to wear on her special occasion, jewelry and even she spends months deciding what makeup artist she is going to get ready with. But this is not enough to look flawless on her special day; a good skin care regime is also required because what is natural reflects through makeup. Therefore, here are few tips that can help brides to be to take good care of their skin to look even prettier.

Tomatoes (Sunburn)


With all those planning weddings also brings a great deal of shopping. Going out for shopping for long hours makes your skin dull and damaged as it comes in contact with pollutants, harmful chemicals present in air and ultraviolet rays of the sun. You may apply sunscreen to protect your skin from damaging but the commercially available sunscreens are filled with chemicals that can cause a reaction to your skin. Therefore, it is always better to use natural ways to treat or avoid general skin issues to avoid any side effects.

Here is one for you, tomatoes are very good for health and are part of every household you can even use them to treat sunburn or to remove tan from your skin. Tomatoes contain lycopene that is an antioxidant that helps treat sunburn. Tomatoes also contain Vitamin K, Vitamins B and vitamin C which will improve your overall skin condition. Therefore, after coming from outside cut a tomato in half and rub it on your face. Leave the tomato juice to dry on your face and wash it after 10 minutes. You will notice an instant glow on your skin.

Even Skin

No matter how good primer you use before applying makeup, if your skin is dry from within the applied makeup will turn flaky. Therefore, makeup experts recommend exfoliating your skin every second week and keep it moisturized. Do you not have any dead skin? Well each one of us has dead skin cells present on our skin as skin cells have a natural life of 28 days.

Few of these cells are removed by washing but exfoliating your skin helps to remove accumulated dead skin cells. Exfoliation also increases blood circulation that improves your skin health. It also reduces bacteria built-in and minimizes pores that reduce the chance of skin breakouts. You can make an exfoliator at home by adding chickpea powder or rolled oats powder with honey in 2:1 ratio. Apply the mixture to your face and massage gently for 5 minutes and rinse it off. The granules will remove the dead skin cells and honey will make your skin hydrated.

Tea Bags (Under-Eye Circles)

One thing more that wedding season brings with itself is a bunch of pre-wedding functions that means a lot of sleepless nights just before your special occasion. Hectic day and sleepless nights can cause puffy eyes and can even become a reason for under eye circles. However, you can relief your eyes by trying out this simple home remedy. Try to find used green tea bags or fresh green tea bags damp or simmer them in warm water and keep them on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes before going to sleep. Tea contains caffeine, tannins and anti – oxidants that soothes the eyes and reduce the puffiness, redness and even vanishes dark circles.

Hand & Feet Care

The least importance is given to feet or hand care however you should give it equal importance because soft hands and feet are a sign of well-groomed personality. Therefore, plan a proper care regime for your hands and feet. Going for a manicure and pedicure at a salon is not just enough. Try to take out 15 minutes every alternative day and show some love to your hands and feet. Soak them in warm water with Epsom salt to minimize the risk of getting a fungal infection. Remove extra grown cuticle and dead skin from your hands and feet. Here you can find 21 different ways to heal and remove dead skin from your feet. Always wash your hands and feet before sleeping and lock in the hydration by applying a moisturizer. These were few home remedies that I suggested my friends to follow during their wedding preparations and trust me they do wonder.


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