Avoiding getting darker by the sun is unavoidable, But the products to remove tans can be quite expensive. This post contains tips on how to remove tan economically, from the comfort of your home.
Home Remedies to lighten dark areas caused by the sun include:
  1. Honey and Ripe Papaya
  • Mash up about half a cup of papaya with one-tablespoon honey.
  • Apply on tanned areas and let it sit for 30 minutes before using cold water to wash it off.
2. Lemon Juice
  • Cut a lemon and rub a slice on your tanned skin.
  • Allow it to sit for some minutes before washing it off.

3. Cucumber Extract, Lemon Juice and Rose Water

  • Mix one tablespoon of each of the 3 ingredients in a bowl and dab it generously on your tanned skin.

4. Oat Meal and Buttermilk

  • In 3 tablespoons of buttermilk add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal.
  • Using circular movements, massage it onto the dark areas.

5. Yogurt and Tomato Extract

  • Mix up one tablespoon of each ingredient and slather the paste that’s formed on dark areas.
  • Leave it on for half an hour before washing off with water.

6. Orange Juice and Yogurt

  • Mix one tablespoon of orange juice in yoghurt and apply to tanned areas.
  • Leave it on for half an hour before rinsing it off with water.


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