While avoiding a tan is impossible owing to the Nigerian sun, removing one isn’t. You can do it while minimizing cost and doing it from the comfort of your home.
6 Natural Ways to Remove Sun Tan Instantly

1. Lemon Juice

  • Cut a lemon and rub a slice on your tanned skin.
  • Allow it to sit for some minutes before washing it off.

2. Cucumber Extract, Lemon Juice, and Rose Water

  • Mix one tablespoon of each of the 3 ingredients in a bowl and dab it generously on your tanned skin.
  • Wah off with warm water after 30 minutes.

3. Honey and Ripe Papaya

  • Mash up about half a cup of papaya with one-tablespoon honey.
  • Apply on tanned areas and let it sit for 30 minutes before using cold water to wash it off.

4. Yogurt and Tomato Extract

  • Mix up one tablespoon of each ingredient and slather the paste that’s formed on tanned areas.
  • Let it be for half an hour before washing off with water.

5. Potato Juice and Lemon Juice

  • Take the juice from a medium potato and mix it with one tablespoon lemon juice.
  • Apply, leave on for 30 minutes and rinse.

6. Pineapple Pulp and Honey

  • Mix the pulp of a pineapple with about one tablespoon honey.
  • Apply it on tanned areas generously.

These are effective sun tan removal home remedies. But prevention is still better than cure. Always use sunscreen before going out into the sun.


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