Before following any home remedies to follow any home remedy, ensure to know the difference between the sweet & bitter almond. Sweet almond oil is used in skin care routine, whereas, bitter almond oil gives the almond-y flavors and scent! Almond oil is great for oily skin because the fatty acids in almond oil, help in dissolving the sebum and thus preventing pimples.

Almond oils helps:

  • Remove Dark Circles
  • Reduces Tan
  • Make skin Healthier
  • Reduce Aging Signs
  • Reduce Tans
  • Treat Chapped Lips
  • Get Rid Of Split End
  • Treat Dandruff
  • Reduce Scalp Inflammation
  • Make Hair Long & Healthy

Here are the some of the several uses of Almond Oil

Almond Oil for Skin Whitening & Fairness:

  • Warm a few teaspoons of almond oil
  • Ensure that the oil is not heated directly
  • Massage this warm almond oil on your face for 10-15 minutes
  • Do this regularly and notice rejuvenated skin after a few weeks due to increased blood circulation

Almond Oil for Stretch Marks

  • Almond oil is rich in vitamin E that helps in reduction of stretch marks
  • Take a little almond oil, and massage on areas with stretch marks
  • Ensure that before this, you have exfoliated the area with a dry brush and are applying almond oil immediately after you take a shower
  • This way, stretch marks are reduced over time

Sweet Almond Oil as a Natural Makeup Remover:

  • Sweet almond oil is very gentle on the skin, and is an amazing makeup remover
  • Take a few drops of almond oil on a cotton ball and wipe off the makeup
  • Almond oil will also nourish and soften your skin, while removing all traces of makeup from your face

Sweet Almond Oil for Your Lips

  • Almond oil is soothes and moisturizes your lips
  • It always lightens dark lips, removes dark spots and tries to even the lip colour
  • You can mix almond oil with honey and milk
  • Apply this lip balm mixture on your lips for 30 mins. You can also leave this mixture on your lips overnight.
  • Next morning wash it off with cold water
  • Repeat this daily for 2-3 months to see visible difference

Almond Oil for Cracked Feet:

  • Almond oil is a light oil, which can deeply penetrate the skin and hence provide advance nourishment
  • Just apply almond oil over your cracked heels and leave it as it is for the entire night
  • Next morning wash it off with lukewarm water
  • This method also is helpful for fungal infections of your foot

Almond Oil for Face Acne & Pimples

  • Take pure sweet almond oil and apply it on clean face before you go to sleep. Massage it on your face for a minute or two, so that it is soaked in.
  • The substances present in almond oil get rid of sebum, which clog pores, and eventually lead to acne and pimple.

Almond Oil for Face Glow – Overnight Treatment!

  • Before you go to sleep, wash your hands clean and take a few drops of almond oil and warm it up by rubbing your palms together.
  • Use this warmed up oil to clean your face.
  • Post this wash your face with a mild face cleanser
  • Again take a few drops of sweet almond oil and pat it on your face and sleep
  • This will ensure a flawless, glowing skin always!


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