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13 Ways to get Fair Skin Naturally


It’s important to get clearer skin, but it’s more important to go about it the natural way. Here we give you 13 beauty tips for fair skin that show you how to get fair skin naturally:

13 Ways to Get Fair Skin Naturally:

  1. Scrubbing about half a lemon on your face regularly will help lighten your skin tone. This is one of the simplest yet effective home remedies for fair skin.
  2. Apply the pulp of a mashed tomato on your skin; not only will it lighten your skin tone but it will give it a pink glow too.
  3. Mix equal quantities of honey and lemon juice and apply it on your skin.
  4. If you have oily skin and want to lighten its tone, then applying a mixture of cucumber and lemon juice on it works wonders.
  5. If you want to lighten scars on your skin then applying fresh coconut water on them really works.
  6. This effective fairness mask requires you to mix a spoonful each of almond oil, lemon juice and milk powder. Apply the mask on your skin and let it sit for about 15 minutes before you wash it off.
  7. If you have dry skin and want to lighten its tone, applying a mixture of honey and cucumber juice on it will make it fairer.
  8. Another great way to get fair skin naturally is to apply the white of an egg on your face at least twice a week.
  9. Take a ripe tomato, mash it and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Apply it and watch your skin tone lighten gradually.
  10. Another great way to make oily skin fair is to apply a mixture of milk powder, papaya, honey and milk to your face.
  11. Apply a mixture of milk and banana on your face.
  12. Before going to sleep apply a mixture of raw milk and rose water on your skin.
  13. Mix baking soda with water and apply on your face when clean. Let it sit for 15 minutes before you wash it off with water.

Almond oil for face at night benefits


Almond oil is the go-to oil for glowy skin. It can be used as a balm to treat dry skin as well as hypertrophic scars and general skin rejuvenation

Almond oil helps soothe irritation and clears stretch marks and also helps reduce the size of scars that you may have.

Below, take a look at the amazing ways almond oil can benefit the skin overnight.

Skin Rejuvenation

Almond oil can be used to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin when it’s looking a bit dull or tired. Almond oil contains softening properties that come in handy when your skin isn’t looking its best. It can even out your skin tone and improve complexion over time, revealing a new and improved version of your skin.

Do try incorporating almond oil into your skincare routine if you hope to improve your skin’s overall appearance.


As we mentioned earlier, almond oil can be used to rejuvenate your skin as well as reduce any irritation it might face throughout the day. Applying it to your skin is a great way to lock in moisture and keep your skin glowing all day long.


7 Almond Oil Remedies for Common Skin Problems

Sugar Scrub for Flawless Skin


When it comes to bringing out your beauty, sugar works magic. This sweetener softens your skin, exfoliates it and freshens it up like nothing else. 

It also prevents the skin from drying and acts as a natural moisturiser. It helps in hydrating your skin by drawing moisture from the environment and preserving it in your skin cells. 

It’s a source of glycolic acid. It penetrates the skin cells and leaves you looking fresh and rejuvenated. Using one of these remedies, you’ll get what you need to improve the blood flow to the surface of the skin, remove dead cells, and get the flawless skin you’ve always wanted.

Sugar-Lime Scrub


For this, you just need 2 spoons of sugar and juice of 4 limes. Mix it and massage it with your fingertips gently in a circular motion on your face

Rub the sugar granules until they get dissolved properly while massaging. After this, wash your face with water.

Sugar and Honey


This is probably the easiest to use, Mix both same quantity,  and you’re set to use. This will scrub out the dirt, while removing dead skin layers which will give you a clear complexion. 

Olive/Almond Oil and Sugar

oilve oil and sugar

Take one tablespoon of olive or almond oil and mix it well with sugar. Scrub this paste on your face. 

It removes all the toxins and gives you a natural glow. This is also helpful to brighten the dark areas on the elbow and knees.

How to Remove Makeup in Seconds with Coconut Oil

coconut oil

You’ll agree that coconut oil is much cheaper than cleansing wipes or store-bought makeup remover. Not just that, it works better, and it smells better too.  

It even helps the skin become clearer, and limit the development of wrinkles. Coconut oil takes my mascara off smoothly without any harsh rubbing required, leaving my lashes moisturized and luminous. 

So, how do you use?

Step 1: Scoop a pea-sized  amount of coconut oil out of the jar (let it be in its liquid form)

Step 2: Close your eyes and gently spread the oil over your eyelids and lashes and all around your eye area. There should be just enough oil to move your fingers around easily without tugging on your skin. You’ll feel eyeshadow and concealer come off right away. 

Step 3: Massage the oil into your skin in a circular motion all over your face to remove other makeup.

Step 4: Use a warm, wet washcloth to wipe off excess coconut oil, and then splash face with warm water. 

Unlike conventional make-up removers, your skin should feel dewy and moisturized right away.

3 Home Remedies for Removing Acne Scars

acne scars

Acne is bad enough to have on the skin, but when you finally get rid of it, the scars could be a much worse sight. 

But with these coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and onion extract remedies, you can eliminate those dark spots and acne scars fast right now.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is rich in omega fatty acids which can penetrate and moisturize the skin so it can restore your skin’s glow.

All you have to do is put some under your eyes, on your lips, and bare brows in the morning to keep your face looking naturally fresh.

But note that there’s no need to put the oil on areas with no scars. Too much coconut oil might just cause a breakout here and there if you don’t control your usage. 

Apple Cider Vinegar


On the other hand, we have the apple cider vinegar. It’s an all-around natural ingredient for everything from cleaning solutions to skincare.

To clear of your acne scars, mix it with honey and leave it on for 10 minutes after applying it to the area. Do this up to three times a day for the best results.

Onion Extracts


If you don’t mind a little sting, then onion extract is another great option to try..

Onion is made up of bioflavonoids, like cephalin and kaempferol, who helps to significantly reduce the appearance of scars after only a few weeks, with consistent use. 

Its properties fight acne and its associated inflammation, redness, and soreness.

Baking Soda Remedy for Body Odour

baking soda

Would you imagine that baking soda could be the solution to that body odour that always freaks you out?

We all get into busy daily routines, and at the end of the day, your underarms, groin, back, chest or whole body might just be impossible to breathe around.

This tends to be more in people who are overweight, alcoholic, unhygienic or junk-addicts. 

But baking soda could be your saving grace. It absorbs the moisture growing on your skin. This moisture lets the bacteria grow on you which eventually cause the smell, but baking soda makes that environment hostile. This natural deodorant will help to keep skin dry and prevent sweating. It also maintains the skin pH level.


  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda 


  • Using your hands or a cloth, put it by patting all-around your underarms to cover the whole area. 
  • Wear clothing after you’ve dried completely and after you’ve dusted off all the excess particles.
  • Do this after every bath and you may increase the amount as your body gets adjusted to it.

Homemade Wax for Removing Body Hair

egg white

Who doesn’t want body hair gone? If only we could snap our fingers and make it disappear, we won’t hesitate.

While the hair is there for good purpose – warmth and hygiene, the advent of clothes, showers, and other beauty hacks mean body hair is no longer needed. 

But the challenge has always been how to keep the hair off sight, and even if possible, permanently under the skin. This egg recipe will come to your rescue. 

Egg is not only extremely nutritious but has some useful properties when it comes to beauty too.


  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1/2 tbsp cornflour


  • Mix the ingredients together to combine, then apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin.
  • Leave the mixture to set on your face (around 15-20 minutes). It should form a film.
  • Begin to peel the mask off from the out in. The mask will not only extract impurities, but also lift light facial hair.

Baking Soda Remedy for Hives


Sometimes, when you eat or touch something unusual, hives comes as an allergic reaction. At that moment, your body starts to release a chemical compound known as histamine, which is responsible for such annoying symptoms as itching, redness, swelling, and others.

In most common cases, food allergens are nuts, eggs, milk, fresh fruit, or various chemicals which are added to food. But it does also occur as a result of contact dermatitis, which may be caused due to the encounter with various chemicals, latex, or pollen.

Certain medicines, insect bites, exposure to the sun, or even alcohol, may be the causes of hives. But you don’t have to worry, Baking soda has wonderful anti-inflammatory qualities, that will eliminate the redness, itching, inflammation and your skin will feel clean and soothed.


  • Mix two tablespoons of soda with a small amount of water to form a paste
  • Apply the solution on the skin area affected with hives
  • Wash it off with cool water after ten minutes.
  • Use this method once a day and you should quickly notice that your hives is less itchy and red. 

Alternatively, you can add the baking soda to your bath or prepare a paste with baking soda. Fill a bathtub with warm, but not too hot, water and add to it about one-half glass of baking soda. Mix it and stay in the bath for about twenty minutes.

DIY Remedies for a Thicker Hair

hair growth

If you are reading this article, chances are that you have a problem with thin hair. Do you also dream about having voluminous, strong hair like celebrities and models? 

Even though the texture of the hair is mostly hereditary, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve its thickness, overall condition and looks. 

It is also important to remember that healthy, thick hair should not be taken for granted as there are many factors that can influence its condition. Ordinarily, changes in hormones level, allergies, the use of inappropriate hair products, bad diet, exposure to excess sun and pollution, ageing and stress can all kill the thickness. 

But whatever the reason is, these two recipes would reverse the thin hair with correct application. 


egg white

Egg supplies the protein to improve the hair condition. Beat two eggs, wet your hair, apply the mask and leave it in for 30 minutes. 

Wash it off with warm water and a bit of shampoo. It might take the time to wash it off properly as the egg can get a bit dry in some places. Repeat this treatment twice a week.

Olive Oil

olive oil

Olive oil is widely used in cosmetics due to its nourishing and softening powers. You can use olive oil to stimulate hair growth by massaging a small amount of it into your scalp. 

How do you use it? Leave it in for the night and wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and warm water in the morning.

Alternatively, you can apply a paste made of olive oil and honey. Leave it on for half an hour, then rinse and shampoo your hair. You should notice the difference in the structure of your hair immediately.

7 Almond Oil Remedies for Common Skin Problems

Model with clear skin

It’s no secret that Almond oil is one of a kind type of oil that’s works for many skin problem.

Almonds are the edible seeds of the Prunus dulcis tree, more commonly known as the almond tree. Although almonds are commonly referred to as nuts, they’re actually the seeds found at the center of the almond fruit, which closely resembles a peach.

Meanwhile, bitter almonds are believed to have medicinal properties, though they can be toxic if they’re not properly processed. Moreover, they’re not widely available.

1. Almond Oil for Skin Whitening & Fairness:

  • Warm a few teaspoons of almond oil
  • Ensure that the oil is not heated directly
  • Massage this warm almond oil on your face for 10-15 minutes
  • Do this regularly and notice rejuvenated skin after a few weeks due to increased blood circulation

2. Almond Oil for Face Acne & Pimples

  • Take pure sweet almond oil and apply it on a clean face before you go to sleep.
  • Massage it on your face for a minute or two, so that it is soaked in.
  • The substances present in almond oil get rid of sebum, which clogs pores, and eventually leads to acne and pimple.

3. Almond Oil for Stretch Marks

  • Almond oil is rich in vitamin E that helps in the reduction of stretch marks
  • Take a little almond oil, and massage on areas with stretch marks
  • Ensure that before this, you have exfoliated the area with a dry brush and are applying almond oil immediately after you take a shower
  • This way, stretch marks are reduced over time

4. Sweet Almond Oil as a Natural Makeup Remover:

  • Sweet almond oil is very gentle on the skin and is an amazing makeup remover
  • Take a few drops of almond oil on a cotton ball and wipe off makeup
  • Almond oil will also nourish and soften your skin, while removing all traces of makeup from your face

5. Sweet Almond Oil for Your Lips

  • Almond oil soothes and moisturizes your lips
  • It always lightens dark lips, removes dark spots and tries to even the lip colour
  • You can mix almond oil with honey and milk
  • Apply this lip balm mixture on your lips for 30 mins. You can also leave this mixture on your lips overnight.
  • Next morning wash it off with cold water
  • Repeat this daily for 2-3 months to see a visible difference

6. Almond Oil for Cracked Feet:

  • Almond oil is a light oil, which can deeply penetrate the skin and hence provide advance nourishment
  • Just apply almond oil over your cracked heels and leave it as it is for the entire night
  • Next morning wash it off with lukewarm water
  • This method also is helpful for fungal infections of your foot

7. Almond Oil for Face Glow – Overnight Treatment!

  • Before you go to sleep, wash your hands clean and take a few drops of almond oil and warm it up by rubbing your palms together.
  • Use this warmed up oil to clean your face.
  • Wash your face with a mild face cleanser
  • Again take a few drops of sweet almond oil and pat it on your face and sleep
  • This will ensure a flawless and glowing skin.
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