Facial scrubs exfoliate the face and should be an important part of your skincare routine. Sugar and tomatoes make an ideal skin combination to be used in scrubs.

The combination of sugar and tomato make for an extremely effective facial scrub for exfoliating the face.

Sugar acts as the main scrub part, removing the dead skin cells and regenerating fresh new ones.

Tomatoes are extremely rich in the potent antioxidant Lycopene which is mostly found in tomatoes or tomato-based products such as tomato ketchup and tomato puree.

The tomato has tiny particles, and when applied to the face, the particles are easily absorbed through the skin.Tomato and sugar exfoliator

When combined with the sugar, the tomato pulp is crushed, more Lycopene is released, and the new fresh skin will absorb antioxidants faster, eliminating free radicals that harm the skin.
The high level of lycopene in the tomatoes making it bright red helps in improving skin complexion, act as sunscreen and brightening the dull skin. It helps delay ageing by aiding skin to absorb oxygen. Vitamin C, vitamin A and rich antioxidants shrinks the pore size cleansing them greatly thus preventing acne.

The citrus content makes it a natural bleaching agent which glows up, evens the skin colour making soft to touch.

Sugar is the main scrubbing agent here. It helps in scrubbing the dead cells, cleanses and rejuvenates new skin cells.


  • Tomato
  • Grounded sugar


  1. Clean and wash tomato, and slice them thin.
  2. Dip the tomato slice in a tray of sugar where all the sugar granules sit on the vegetable slice.
  3. Now rub the sugar dipped tomato slice to your face and neck in circular motions. Let the process be carried slowly and mildly without harming your skin. Continue exfoliating for 10 minutes and wash out your face with plain water.


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