For many reasons, you get your skin bruised, and the bad news is that some of them can take a few weeks before it disappears. While it doesn’t represent a health defect, it’s an unwanted element on your beauty, and that’s enough reason to ensure it doesn’t stay.

Fortunately, there are plenty of simple home methods which will let you get rid of your nasty bruise much faster, and we’ll be highlighting some below:



Ice is among the best-known solution to bruises or other injuries. It’s application is as simple as wrapping a few ice cubes in a soft cloth and place them on the bruise for a few minutes (maximum of twenty minutes) .

It’s crucial to react quickly on a bruise so if you don’t have any ice cubes in your freezer, use whatever you will find close at hand, and apply the ice a few times a day to effectively prevent a bruise.



Potato also does the magic. It contains antiseptic properties because they are rich in alkaline juices. So, if your bruise is swollen, a raw potato can significantly reduce it. You will have to peel a potato, grate it or cut it in slices and apply it on your bruise. For the best performance, you can bandage it and stay like that for a few hours.


Ginger root

In the same way, ginger has a wonderful effect on our skin, thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. If you have some injury and you want to prevent getting a bruise, you should use it both internally and externally.


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