Street fashion was always an interesting blend of trendy, urban, and practical. It’s where style and creativity converge to make a wearable form of art, and it’s not something that everyone can pull off. The most skilled fashionistas know how to make a balance between all the elements and create an Instagram-worthy outfit, but for the rest of us, it can come as a challenge. Are you looking to improve your styling skills and rock better streetwear? Then take a look at some of our suggestions and have fun with your new clothing!

When in doubt, wear athleisure

Athleisure is still on the rise and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, so finding your go-to pieces is a good idea. With a pair of slimming black leggings, some kickass Fenty x Puma kicks, and a cute baggy crop top or oversized tee you can look gym-ready and feel totally comfortable. You should also invest in a hoodie – something from Beyoncé’s Ivy Park line is bound to be trendy and complement any sporty outfit. Pair these with either a backpack or a waist bag and you can look like a million bucks in such an easy, effortless manner.

Rely on dresses

Dresses can always make you look feminine and graceful, especially if you style them carefully. For a good street look, pick a retro button-down dress with a fit-and-flare cut and accessorize with a wide belt around your waist. With the help of some low heels, a headscarf, and a wristwatch, you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Use statement accessories to your advantage


A red bag handbag, a colorful scarf, a pair of big, hanging earrings – use statement piecesto finish off your outfits. Even the simplest t-shirt and trousers combinations can be made to look a lot more stylish if you give them a little glam with the right accessory. Headscarves, hats, and sunglasses are also great options, especially during warm, summer days.

Old cuts in new fabrics



You don’t have to pick a crazy-looking shirt just to be noticed. Classic cuts are actually the best way to complement any body type, and the thing you want to be really focusing on are interesting fabrics. Soft silk blouses, cashmere sweaters, suede shoes, and other lush materials such as these will instantly give you an aura of sophistication. Try updating your look with some cute Ellery outfit and pair it with black sandals or ankle boots. It’s a look with a theme to it and picking a piece such as this means it will practically be doing all of its styling work for you. It’s interesting, unique, and looks very luxurious.

Bring out your best suit

What’s more polished than a sexy, sleek suit? You can pick a boxy blazer with a classic button-down shirt for a more androgynous look or invest in a tailor and have them create a form-fitting, slim suit that’s made to follow your curves. A suit will always look incredibly sophisticated, but you can bring it an urban touch by wearing a patterned blouse underneath it and pairing it with some sexy heels. Keep your accessories minimal if you want a professional polish or bring out something colorful and crazy to make the suit more casual.

Invest in outwear

Just think about it – outwear is what people will most often see on you. You want to make sure it looks good, so pick something people will remember you by. A soft pink trench coat is always a good thing to have, but for the warm days, you can also go for a good denim jacket with embroidered details, or an oversized Hawaiian shirt, or maybe a thin, lace cardigan.

Focus on the shoes




Shoes should always make you feel good, so invest in something comfortable and stylish like a pair of slide on mules with a low heel, or leather sandals with soft straps. Don’t be afraid to pick shoes in a bright color either, especially if the rest of your wardrobe tends to lean more towards neutral shades. Colorful shoes can make your outfit more interesting.

Most of all, make sure your outfits always have a personal touch. Be creative and get out of your comfort zone but do stay true to your own unique aesthetics.


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