As much as we have written about almond oil, it is an easily adulterated commodity. Hence, if you have the time and patience, we definitely suggest making almond oil at home. This will give you the purest form of almond oil that will nourish your skin thoroughly.

  • To make almond oil, you will need a handful of almonds, a blender and 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Take handful of almonds and start blending them in a mixer grinder at a slow speed.
  • Ensure that the almonds are completely dry and fresh and that the blending is taking place at the lowest speed
  • While blending the almonds, look out for buildup on the sides and keep removing it and mixing it again with the blended almond
  • Once the almond seems to be of smooth consistency, start blending it at a higher speed
  • Now add a teaspoon of olive oil. If it still is not blending properly, add another teaspoon of olive oil
  • Keep blending till you have a smooth paste of almond
  • Store this mixture in a glass jar for 2 weeks
  • During this period, the oil will separate from the solid particles
  • Now strain and use the almond oil


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