You’ll agree that coconut oil is much cheaper than cleansing wipes or store-bought makeup remover. Not just that, it works better, and it smells better too.  

It even helps the skin become clearer, and limit the development of wrinkles. Coconut oil takes my mascara off smoothly without any harsh rubbing required, leaving my lashes moisturized and luminous. 

So, how do you use?

Step 1: Scoop a pea-sized  amount of coconut oil out of the jar (let it be in its liquid form)

Step 2: Close your eyes and gently spread the oil over your eyelids and lashes and all around your eye area. There should be just enough oil to move your fingers around easily without tugging on your skin. You’ll feel eyeshadow and concealer come off right away. 

Step 3: Massage the oil into your skin in a circular motion all over your face to remove other makeup.

Step 4: Use a warm, wet washcloth to wipe off excess coconut oil, and then splash face with warm water. 

Unlike conventional make-up removers, your skin should feel dewy and moisturized right away.


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