The skin around your eyes must look radiant and feel healthy as beautiful eyes give a healthy overall outlook.

Dark circles make a person look dull, tired, and unattractive. Thankfully, we have a cheaper alternative for expensive facial creams which is almond oil, it works as a good home remedy for reducing dark circles.

Almond oil is a good moisturizer and its great for the undereye. Here are some of the reasons its best for your dark under-eye:

  • Due to dehydration, the skin under the eyes becomes dry, dull, and even develops a blackish/bluish tone. Almond oil contains fatty acids that supply the skin with nourishment. Due to Its emollient properties, it softens and moisturizes the skin around the eyes.
  • Almond oil is also a natural bleaching agent and helps to reduce the pigmentation under the eyes.
  • This oil keeps the skin tone and complexion even and glowing.
  • Another associated problem is that of wrinkles around the eyes, which are caused due to aging as well as other external factors. The vitamin E content of almond oil is high, and it helps to rejuvenate the wrinkled skin, making it firm and supple.

How to use: The simplest method to use almond oil is to gently massage it around the eyes at night and leave it on overnight. By doing this every day, the blood circulation increases, and you will be amazed by the difference in your dark circles.


8 Beauty benefits of almond oil for your face


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