Lipstick can instantly brighten one’s appearance, hence it’s a must have in your makeup bag. With these steps below you can now step out the door knowing that your lipstick is going to last for hours.

While you can purchase lipsticks that have a long-lasting formula, it is essential that you know the right tricks to make any lipstick last for hours. Here are some tips that you can use to make your lipstick last longer:

1. Exfoliate

 If you want your lipstick to look amazing, you need to make sure that you get rid of the dead skin cells regularly. You can use a homemade sugar scrub made from drops of olive oil mixed with powdered sugar. This mixture helps to remove the dead skin cells from your lips. The olive oil will moisturize your lips and the sugar will remove the dead skin cells.

2. Hydrate

Even the best lipstick can look patchy on dry lips. And this is the reason why you need to keep your lips hydrated at all times. Purchase a good quality lip balm to prevent your lips from drying.

3. Define

Some women want bigger lips while others want smaller ones and there are also a few that just want them to be more even and well-defined. Thanks to lip liners, you can create a shape of lips that you prefer. After highlighting your lips with the lip liner, then lipstick can be applied on the insides of the lips.

4. Powder

If you are using a cream-based or oil-based lipstick formula, you can make it last long using a powder. Take a small paper towel and press it against your lips to let it take off some of the lip colors. Using a brush, now lightly dust the powder that you use to set your foundation on the paper towel while it is pressed against your lips. Remove the paper towel and apply another coat of your lipstick to complete the look.



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