It’s time to finally ditch that cliché that beauty is only skin-deep, and start pampering ourselves in a more holistic manner to preserve not just our looks, but our wellbeing, too. It seems that the beauty industry is starting to embrace the natural look, letting go of layered makeup, and simplifying our skincare routine down to only several steps.

However, in addition to how you treat your skin with your lovely beauty products, it’s equally important to you structure your diet and your overall lifestyle to retain that gorgeous radiance and emphasize your best features.

The don’ts in your life



Before you can move on to all the right things that can enhance your natural beauty, it’s crucial to cut out the steps that tend to wreak havoc on all your positive efforts. What good is an exercise regime if you don’t eat right, or your hydration habits if you drink yourself silly every Friday night? To that end, practice moderation when it comes to your diet, and limit your sugar, alcohol and the intake of overly-processed foods.

Most importantly, smoking can have devastating effects on your health as well as your beauty, and no amount of fancy lotions and pricy foods can make up for the damage smoking can do to your body.

Refresh your diet

Think local, seasonal thoughts! Getting the most of every season is the best for your overall health, but especially for your lovely complexion as well as your stunning mane. In addition to ditching those candy bars and sugar-filled sodas, you should replace them with nourishing smoothies packed with antioxidant-rich berries and probiotic-loaded yoghurt.

Go for organic goods that are not treated with the same toxic pesticides that can harm your health. You can easily find such food on your farmers’ market – these groceries are the ones that will provide your skin with vitamins and minerals to replenish your pores with collagenand keep those puffy eye-bags at bay. In addition to fresh greens and eating the rainbow, make sure you have plenty of protein in your diet, whether it’s through meat, dairy, lentils, beans, or any other nutrient-dense protein source.

Reinforce your menu



However, no matter how dedicated you are to eating seasonal, local foods, chances are that your exercise regime, your genetics, or your lifestyle may take a toll on your health and wellbeing. This is where supplements rich in curcumin and similar superfoods come in as a great choice for people dealing with aches and pains of all sorts, and who wish to improve their overall resilience.

This potent ingredient also has numerous perks for your pores: since it naturally reduces inflammation, it’s highly recommended for restoring your skin’s natural glow and keeping fine lines away. It can also be added to your food in the form of a spice, and since it has a specific, earthy, pungent taste, it can turn regular eggs into a mean omelette you’ll be eager to munch on for days on end!

Include a tea ritual



This ancient tradition can do wonders for your beauty and your wellbeing, since using various herbs is known to improve your health. Your body already has its natural detox processes, done through organs such as liver and kidneys, and we’re already designed to flush out toxins – but in this day and age of over-exposure to pollutants and chemicals, your body could use some help.

Teas such as chamomile are famous for their soothing effect, and sipping a cup of this lovely beverage before bed will give a new meaning to beauty sleep. Add to that an occasional green tea to ward off the free radical damage, some kombucha to load your complexion with antioxidants, and you’ll be on your way to a daily skin detox perfect for your complexion.

Eat to balance your hormones

Yet another internal process that is essential to your beauty is your hormonal balance. When your hormones are out of whack, it can lead to many skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, various rashes and other types of irritation that can turn into a chronic issue.

Once again, certain dietary changes can help you achieve this balance. For instance, eating more fibre, probiotics and prebiotics can help reduce any gut inflammation and aid healthy hormone production. Healthy fats such as omega-3 from salmon and walnuts can also be beneficial for your hormones, while an overall balanced diet free of too much-processed sugar is vital to keep your skin healthy and happy!


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