Avoid Heating Styling Tools

Many times, you’ll be tempted to use a blow dryer and a curling iron every day in order to add some volume to your hair. What you don’t know is that the heat is a huge negative to the thickness of your hair. At all cost, you should try to avoid prolonged use of heat styling tools. Hair that is exposed to high temperature gets weaker, thinner and eventually breaks or falls out easily. Instead, you can use alternatives like hair rollers.

Adopt Natural Hair-Care Products

Most of the hair products you use are chemical based. Right, they do the job of cleaning and adding volume to your hair, but constant use of shampoos that contain strong chemicals, like sodium laurel and laureth sulfates, and conditioners may cause a long-lasting damage to your hair. It is much better to choose organic products based on soap agents and natural oils.  

Give Your Hair a Break

This sounds tricky. Washing your hair every day might seem like a necessity, but regardless of the hair type, you should be able to take a two or three day break between the washes. If it’s a daily need for your hair type, try using a dry shampoo instead. After frequent application of this idea, you will definitely notice the benefits of not removing natural protection barrier from their hair on a daily basis.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

The UV radiation, pollution or dry air from the air conditioning leave damaging effects on your hair. You may not be able to prevent all these, but you can, at least, try to cover your hair when possible. Something as simple as a wool hat sometimes, may be all you need to keep off the pollution coming from the air.

Go Natural

The best way for your hair to stay in a good condition is to leave it as natural as possible. Try to avoid dying your hair or at least, don’t do it too often. The thing is that chemicals that come in contact with your hair always damage it to some level. If you are a hair dye addict, make sure that you give your hair a lot of care by applying hair conditioners and hair masks regularly.


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